Welcome to Box on a Box!

  • More designs and setups to follow shortly.
  • We are currently at the Ideal Home Show at the Olympia in London. Come visit our stand L230 if you get a chance.
  • Box on a Box is a new and amazing modular furniture system. 
  • Each and every box can be stacked onto any other box to create the most unique pieces of furniture in your home and office.
  • They are designed in such a flexible way that almost any space can utilise them. 
  • Once stacked the boxes are held together by a steel pin which are hidden from view when the boxes are stacked. The pin has a number of places it can be used on each box so the setup potential is endless. 
  • If you find you need to change a setup just unstack them and build again. You can take the box setups apart simply by lifting then off each other and move half of them into another space. 
  • Doors can be added in our workshop but if you wanted a drawer to your box setup you can order it anytime and just slide it into the box. We make doors and drawers for every box. We add the door in our workshop as it requires some degree of skill but you can buy a drawer for any box later. This allows you to start off with an open book shelf style setup of boxes and easily change part or all of it into a drawer unit.
  • These boxes make the most amazing room dividers and to improve privacy you can fill the boxes with books or ornaments or ave add double fronted drawers which can be opened form either side.
  • The corners of every box is made up with a dovetailed joint, one of the strongest ways of joining two pieces of timber together and a method of cabinetmaking predating written history. It takes a bit of skill to make a timber joint like this but we think it is worth it.